Emerging Musical Theater, I’m Ready For My Close-up Now

12 Jun

If you follow this blog and all the blathering run on sentences and dribbling un- proofread babble that passes for my usual posts, not to mention the overabundance of information regarding the Steampunk Opera, why on Gd’s green earth would you want to read an interview with me done by Kimberly Lew over at Emerging Musical Theater?

Either a. you don’t, in which case be patient there WILL be a blog entitled Steampunk Porn coming up one day soon i assure you

or b. you do in which case holy crap is today your lucky day

or c. the most likely answer, you don’t care either way, you just came here in the faint hope of being moderately entertained for a few scant minutes in your day… and in THAT case may i please point you all to Emerging Musical Theater at blogspot!

She’s funny! She’s interesting! She covers some REALLY interesting new theatrical works,  does cool interviews and throws in other assorted fun stuff especially from the NYC theater scene.

Yeah, sure, maybe they did do a little interview with me but that just points to good taste doesn’t it?

Anyway, here it is: The Dolls Of New Albion: An Interview With Paul Shapera

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One response to “Emerging Musical Theater, I’m Ready For My Close-up Now

  1. Kim

    June 13, 2012 at 3:13 am

    Sir, you flatter me far too much. It was truly my pleasure to feature your work on my blog and learn more about the project! Really looking forward to whatever happens next.


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