27 May

For our last post on sci fi movies made on the cheap, we must, MUST i tell you bring up by far the best of them. It’s not just that this is by far the greatest sci fi film ever made for next to nothing, and at $7,000 it really is made for basically nothing, but it’s a truly great sci fi film, one of the most original and challenging by ANY standard.


In any list of films that utterly mess with your head, films that are jaw dropping mindfucks, Primer consistently tops the list. Go ahead, Google away if you don’t  believe me. You think Inception was all deep and complex? Primer mindfucks it out of the park.

It is one of the best puzzle/mess with your mind movies ever made. Yes, it’s that good.

I will warn you, it is one complicated movie. It is NOT nonsensical. It makes perfect sense, but boy, you have GOT to pay attention. Seriously, it will test you. It requires patience. Most people find that only on a second veiwing do they fully grok it all.

Lest i sound like a gushing fanboy, let me flat out say this film is downright brilliant, utterly, utterly original and i repeat, is quite challenging. It is a testimony to what you can do with simply an idea and motivation. Seriously, we’ve been discssing some films in the past few days made with low budgets and big vision, but this is the winner. This is actually a truly great science fiction film, ranking up there with the best head trips in film history. Donnie Darko, Momento, Mulholland Dr… This move stands up with any of them.

It is made with no budget,. It is the first time out for the writer/director Shane Carruth. It is not coddling and friendly, but unlike a lot of purposely confusing films like The Holy Mountain and Inland Empire it is logical and sensible. This is not just a matter of “If you had $7,000 and a camera what would you do?”, i feel strongly the film transcends its limitations to stand in place with any other great sci-fi head twister. I even find the low tech to eventually help with the charm, once you get used it and the initial geek tech dialogue.

Seriously, go watch this movie. The whole thing is online. Here:

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