25 May

In discussing sci fi movies made on basically no budget whatsoever (and watchable and enjoyable), two movies especially come to mind: Primer and Lunopolis. Today we shall deal with Lunopolis.

Lunopolis is a documentary style movie about conspiracies and cults. One in particualr with odd beliefs about life on the moon. I don’t want to say much more as the process of revelation is  a key enjoyment to the movie.

The moon i figures in quite a few conspiracy theories, beginning with the idea that the moon landing was faked. Prior to the 20th century the moon factored into wild theories a bit more, but with knowledge comes the need to make the horizon more distant. As the moon became more observed and more known its ability to hold races of aliens or gods lessened and planets that could do such a thing became far off places in other solar systems. Sirius emerged as a major player in such theories.

Or is media manipulated? Public conscious subtley encouraged to look elsewhere, anywhere but the moon which we can now leave alone. it’s dead. Don’t worry about it. Nothing to see here….

Oh, this move goes there and WAY beyond that and it is an excellent ride.

Sadly, if you don’t live in the US good ******** luck watching this. It’s available online on Hulu, but f****** Hulu doesn’t work outside the states. M***** *******. US Netflix has it also.

If you can, well worth seeing with a couple of film makers with no budget and an excellent idea can do.

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