Insane Tree Houses

21 Apr

Although i never actually bother to do it, i can, if pressed, explain what any given post (or general subject matter) has to do with The Steampunk Opera and what stretch of rationale connects it, however loosely.

Tree houses may push it, as i sort of forgot what all these architecture posts first had to do with the SO. I think it might be way back when i was discussing imagining the city of New Albion, which opened up the door to architecture in general. Since i like looking at architecture and randomly running across architectural styles i know little about (which are most of them, or was. This blog has been very educational for me) this is a theme we visit often.

And by often, i mean again today. But fear not! Today is insanely awesome tree houses. Who doesn’t think tree houses are cool? I mean seriously, is there anybody? If you don’t,  you should gtfo. Unless you’ve spent money on the 1st act or something, in which case i still love you, i just don’t like you. Which is okay. We can still have hate sex.

You may pick any one of these awesome tree houses to have said hate sex in.


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