Casual Opera Update: Let’s Chat

28 Mar

We so very rarely chat. Let’s. Green tea or beer depending on time of day are my usual accoutrements.

I figured it would be a nice quiet week heading into leaving for London on the 3rd of April to record the vocalists and finish the anxiously awaited album. I’ve been waiting MONTHS to finally have the time to get to a Freesmasonry multipart series, much like Golden Dawn, Spiritualism and Theosophy and even thought this would be the week.

But no. See, i’ve been picking at Act 3 for months. Musically it works. Plot-wise… i keep waiting for the day when people will start pointing out the… plot holes. Not holes, really. Just… oh this has been bugging me. I feel somewhere down the road someone’s gonna nail me to the wall for Act 3, just a can’t quite explain why. I obsess over the 3rd Act, try to reimagine it, decide i’m just being insane,  listen to it, think it’s fine. But… yet… plot wise…. character development/motivation…. i can’t leave it alone.

Naturally, you will finally suddenly realize the key to a new paradigm at 4 AM 6 days before you leave to record the damn thing.

To get to the point, i believe i shall cut 4-5 minutes, replace it with another 5-6 (each Act is in the 20 minutes range) and that should sort everything out. Don’t know exactly HOW to assemble this new 5-6 minutes, but i assure you, i’m obsessing along quite nicely. ( i need to accomplish 4 things. I do not have a lot of time to do this and more time is not a solution. Cramming information or stuff you want to be in there is very bad. Very bad. Simple and elegant is always best. Even if it’s NOT simple and elegant it should FEEL simple and elegant. A pop culture example i could sue would be The Matrix. Matrix 1: simple and elegant. Matrix 2: crammed in and story arch feels awkward.)

HowEVER, i DON’T have time to determine whether i’m truly doing the right thing. I have 6… no, after today 5 days til i leave. I don’t have time to sit on what i come up with and compare it to the present one only to find out the first draft was better. Therefore i must record BOTH versions, just in case.

Wasn’t that thrilling to know? Here’s all you need care about:

The final sessions for the finished album will occur between the April 4th and 18th. It will feature our previous team of awesomeness: Kayleigh McKnight, Lauren Osborn and Jason Broderick. We will also add a 4th voice as the Doll Jasper who i shall introduce at the appropriate time. (re: once i actually cast it which will be very soon)

The complete show will be available in May. I’m hoping May 1st. I may even include the alternate version of Act 3 as a bonus to… well… anyone who cares enough to want it, basically.

So there you go. Now i gotta go back to banging my head against the wall until i work out this Voodoopunk stuff.


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