Mothership Orchestra: Modern Balkan Cabaret

02 Feb

While i suffer through an eastern european winter of epic proportions that has folks in villages around mine dropping like flies and almost all of us trapped up here in the mountains under a mound of snow and in record sub zero temperatures…. though my water pipes burst this morning, i can barely chop trees fast enough to keep this cottage heated and electricity disappears for hours, even a day at a time…. i am pleased to be able to introduce a kick ass cabaret band from Serbia who will brighten the day of even the coldest survivalist.

(And for the record, i am not a survivalist, man against nature loving rugged outdoorsman. I am just an idiot.)

Without further ado, a band who hails from a small Serbian town (Pozega) but whom i will hope had the sense to get their asses to Belgrade which is where i would be if i could get off this mountain, something not even remotely possible for days now.

In any case, all shenanigans aside, this band is top notch and unlike most everything else i post on here, an act i could actually bloody well go and see one of these days. Assuming i ever get out of here.

If you like these songs, and if not, At’s a mattah you, uh? then check out their website at

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