He Said, Seastead

01 Feb

Yes i should be shot for the title.  I know this. Let’s just move on.

Seasteading, kids!!! It’s the city of the future! It’s a movement to build self reliant livable communities in the sea.

It is quite popular with certain libertarian factions as being way out at sea, these communities would exist outside of government and tax boundaries. You could basically build a realistic version of Bioshock’s Rapture. However, seasteads are also possible for various industries for which being located far out at sea is practical.

Technogeeks could benefit. You’re rich, you operate a popular torrent site (like, say, Pirate Bay) and various governments are out to get you. Screw ’em. Live in your own sovereign nation.

Hippies have been heading off to form their own alternative communities since the 60s, and while the degree of success was quite limited back at the beginning, the places that have survived have thrived and been at the forefront of green housing and ecovillage development, which are now more popular than ever and bearing great fruit.


Seasteading is perhaps the new, teched up version of that. Granted it has a long way to go. Those who are doing it for politically idealistic reasons really should take a good hard look at all the 60s and 70s commune experiments and see where idealism met cold, hard reality. Because this is even more daring and expensive and perhaps insane.

But it’s also bold and REALLY interesting. Such ventures could innovate many new developments in self sustaining technology. Plus, people like the uber billionaire founder of Paypal have dedicated themselves to seasteading, so the libertarian communes of the future could be here sooner than you think.

In the meantime, for artsy dreamers of the fantastic like myself, the ideas are ripe with inspiration and i cannot help be anything but fascinated.

(Actual real seastead currently in existance:)


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