The Little Dead Girl 3 (Conclusion)

01 Dec

Embryomen, who it should be noted are not actually all male, are generally not highly amorous. They do on occasion copulate, usually with each other since their interaction with the outside world can be sporadic. There are however, never, ever unplanned pregnancies.

The little dead girl sat in the Hall of Half Forgotten memory waiting for a gate to the world of the living to open. She did not actually know anything more about her situation than that.

The fog did. The fog was waiting for her brother to copulate. The act would create an open pathway to a womb, and if the exchange resulted in a baby, the fog would become the fetus and finally get to experience life as a human being. If there was no conception, the fog would simply wait patiently in whatever womb it had gained access to for the day when it became fertilized.

Because the girl’s brother was not very erotically active they waited a long time. The fog never made its presence known to the little dead girl. During this time the brother would visit the Halls of Half Forgotten Memory in his dreams. The girl would always be there and the long lost twins began to talk and get to know one another.

Finally, one day the brother had intercourse. The resulting psychosexual energy opened the gate and the little dead girl prepared herself to enter.

“Ssssssssss. Foolish child.” the fog whispered to her as it appeared at last. “You know not what you do. What lies beyond this gate? You do not know. You will become lost.”

The dead girl was shocked to see the fog again, shifting around her, flowing towards the gateway. “But…” she stammered, and froze with confusion.

“Good luck, lossssst little girl. You will wander thesssse halls a very long, long time.” With that, the fog stole into the little dead girl’s gate, closed it behind it, and left her where she was to wander alone forever.

She cried and cried for many hours.

The brother was homosexual, so the fog did not end up in a womb. The sexual act produced energy transfer regardless and thus it wound up deep in the naval chakra of the brother’s one time partner, who was not actually an Embryoman.

From there it bounced around desperately from partner to partner, waiting for the day one of the men he was in would finally copulate with a female.

More and more frequently the brother would visit his lost sister in his dreams and even began keeping a meticulous dream journal until he was able to remember his nightly excursions with the same clarity as his waking days.

For the first time in his life, a loneliness he could never quite place was lifted and an emptiness filled. His fellow Embryomen continued their work with their same neurotic compulsion, with some becoming more agitated by the anxiety of the coming psychic apocalypse, but he found himself becoming calmer and more content.

And so it was that one day he was asked to perform a routine genomicide. The Embryomen had grown a number of children who had ended up with damaged souls. This was a common occurrence. Every so often it was necessary to cleanse specimens from a particular line of inquiry and experimentation.

The brother led the children into a sub basement of the facility. He gave them picks and shovels and instructed them to excavate rocks and mud. The children dug until exhausted.

He then instructed them to build a small but comprehensive collective memory palace.

When they had finished they all sat inside. A knock came from an object that represented loneliness, something they all shared and knew well. The little dead girl was on the other side, and after opening the door, they all filed out one by one through the opening, out of the facility and into the great and endless Halls of Half Forgotten Memory.

What became of the world they never knew. Somewhere, in a great Museum built by the discarded recollections of mankind, a beautiful little dead girl, her grown up twin brother, and all of their friends run about, explore and live together in the never ending hallways and chambers.


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3 responses to “The Little Dead Girl 3 (Conclusion)

  1. Jeroen Ech

    December 28, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    I’m having great fun playing “connect the dots” with all your stories. Would it be possible that the company the Embryomen work for, is Arcadia Corp?

    • paulms

      December 28, 2016 at 8:56 pm

      That is indeed possible.


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