Agnus Dei

22 Nov

Here is another song i wrote a little while ago that exists in the same vein as the falsetto song will. I’m not saying the 2 will sound similar or that the new track will be in any way derived from this one; it won’t. But the feel… this is the closest i’ve come to the feel i want.

Both songs speak of… a sort of spiritual plane. In the Jasper song case i mean to be vague, dark and impenetrable, with a hair of children’s far away, impossible dreamland thrown in. With this older track i was speaking as concretely as i feel possible about these matters.

The entire Amnesis album is a reflection on spirituality and religion and this track comes near the end. Rather pompous subject material i realize, but it tried REALLY hard to keep it defracted and fresh. In other words, i had no intention of hitting anyone over the head with the subject material. It’s subtle, avoids as many cliches as i could, and is carefully planted throughout for the discerning.

Hmm…. i’m not helping dispel the pomposity am i?

Okay, never mind. Today we have a a track i made a few years ago that has the same ballpark feel i want this new one to have and since i gotta fill posts day in and day out (with a week off here and there. yes, i’m back) i’m a’playin’ it. How bout that?



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2 responses to “Agnus Dei

  1. matthew

    November 22, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Probably my favorite song of yours, and thus far the only one I’ve covered (mostly because the chords are easy). I ain’t afraid of no pomposity.

  2. Cherries Jubilee

    December 4, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Don’t take this the wrong way Paul. I love this song and I want them to play it at my funeral. Not any time soon I hope, but I think it would be a wonderful send off.


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