Replace what? With What? R U an Idiot?

17 Nov

After all this talk about givning Priscilla’s character more…. character (something i’ll be tackling this week) there then remains one last major revision before i’m done putzing with the show. Jasper’s song.

Here’s the deal: Jasper, the dead guy in the mannequin body, has one proper song he sings in Act 3. He has a couple lines in Act 1, and some dueting and tripleting in the 4th Act, but his one big number is this one song. Currently it is the song Lost Night’s lullabye. But i have begun to question this.

The problem;

– It’s a good song. Very nice. Nice melody, nice lyrics, solid song. Nothing wrong.

– But it’s not… otherworldly. It’s not…. something so special you feel…. haunted by another world you cannot grasp.

Jasper’s song does not need the hyper analyzation that Priscilla’s character needs. The song is not supposed to make lots of sense. The whole point is he finally gets to communicate properly and what he says they population cannot grasp. This is my thoughts on otherworldly matters. If an Angel, a Being from beyond… an Alien from another plane of existence, a dead person, Gd…. communicated with you, you wouldn’t really understand it. you might if you were REALLY paying attention and in a state to comprehend such things, but honestly, odds are you wouldn’t grasp it. Or perhaps even know you were being spoken to.

So his song doesn’t need to make much sense.

The song i have is a very nice song. But i feel it could be SO much more… beautiful, haunting, otherworldly…. airy, eerie, delicate….. beautiful.

Why I’m Potentially An idiot:

-unlike the whole “i think i need to brainsotrm and reflect on what to do about Priscilla’s character” in this case the exact sound and feel and instrumentation of how a new track should be  to me fully formed the instant i questioned the existing track. And it wants the male to sing in falsetto.


-so i’d be writing a track that doesn’t simply just require a good male voice, but specifically someone who has a great falsetto. Which, you know, makes casting it so much easier. Not. Limiting a voice like this is probably not the smartest idea.


-So if jasper’s stuff is written for Act 4, and is fine, not requiring overhaul, how does the fact the he sings falsetto an then in Act 4 suddenly sings normal work? Is this idiocy on an epic level? Of course, he really just sings this one song and a 15 second preview of it in the first Act.

-falsetto. I mean seriously. Really? Falsetto?

But….. but….. hear me out.

1. if it doesn’t work, i already have a perfectly decent song to fall back on

2. it might actually be awesome and in tomorrow’s post i will demonstrate why.

3. In this blog, once in a blue moon i actually discuss some of the decision making and consideration that goes into the composition of this show. I did so far less during most of the writing. But now that i actually have a mostly compleeted piece that i understand, i don’t mind some of these later decisions being out there to watch happen. Any album, any show does this, you just don’t see it. You might read about it in interviews later, but i don’t mind there being a window into some of the process going on here. If it does suck, i’ll throw it away. I’LL THROW ANYTHING AWAY. I will work on something for WEEKS, until i collapse from exhaustion, and if i come to see that despite my best efforts it sucks, i will toss it aside without a moment’s notice. So what does it matter. i’m gonna write a replacement song because i think i can do better and i’m gonna make it mostly in falsetto because that’s how i roll.

4. It came to me. The sound, the feel, the place i want to take you to and how exactly to pull it off…. it came to me. Just like that. This happens sometimes. It’s happened several times with this show already. When it happens, i’ve learned not to question it or overthink it. (i’m overthinking it now just for your reading amusement) i just do it, and most of the time it’s SO the right move.

So yeah. Stay tuned. And since i’m having a really fully week and have no time to write posts, i’m gonna be a further shmuck and just send this off without proofreading. Not that it’s the first time…. or even the exception. Or… in any way different than any other post i ever post…. all right, i’m outta here.



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2 responses to “Replace what? With What? R U an Idiot?

  1. Cherries Jubilee

    November 18, 2011 at 3:10 am

    Falsetto? What about the tenor singing in his regular voice and a boy soprano singing (off stage) above? Maybe, some chorus vocalizing behind (pianissimo?) I am thinking about the crucifixion scene in JC Superstar – fairly eerie when we sang it and otherworldly.


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