The Silver Key by Ah Pook The Destroyer

03 Nov

Here we have a post rock meets Pink Floyd album interpreting the H.P. Lovecraft story The Silver Key.

It’s the first album by Ah Pook The Destroyer. Ah Pook, a takeoff of a William Burrough’s bit is a collaboration between Matthew Broyles of The Matthew Show and Paul Shapera of ….. Mocha Lab as well as some theatrical pieces including, i believe, some Steampunk Opera or whatnot like that.

It’s a brand new release.

Ah Pook The Destroyer is a side band for both of us and dedicated to reinterpreting iconic works of literature. (We’ll be doing The Little Prince next). The entire thing is made without either of us meeting. We trade the tracks back and forth over the net.

No agreement was ever made to how we should approach working. What arose naturally was that Matthew would send me some guitar riffs. I would then build tracks around them and send them back. He would then layer additional guitar parts, maybe some bass, send them back and finally, when we had all the tracks we needed for the album, we started divvying up the songs into who would be in charge of what vocals for which part. (“I’ll do track 1. For track 8 you do the verses and i’ll take the choruses” “Great, i got dibs on track 5. You deal with the choruses on 7 and i’ll fool with the verse”).

You can download the album at or purchase it from any online store. The website is

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