Dark and Steampunky Dolls by Majestic Thorn

31 Oct

Obviously, in a show where dead people being brought back and placed into mechanical doll/mannequins is a major plot point, the look of said Dolls is going to be a big deal.

It’s one that i’m clearly curious about, although i will not be the person who comes up with the look. Not my job, not my specialty, so why not leave the conception to someone who dedicates themselves and spends their time focusing on such matters while i’m walking around humming stories in my head like a spaced out nutjob? (or walking though the autumn covered countryside with my 3 year old belting out songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the top of my lungs. See, i do that part well. I need someone who looks at trees and thinks “oooooh, that would make an awesome creeppy doll thing!”) Indeed, the look of the Dolls may change with each run of the show, with each designer that comes along. Who knows?

However, since the issue is nonetheless of obvious interest to me, i perk up whenever i run across interesting things online. And in this case Interesting Things meaning really creepy and yet utterly awesome dolls. Creepy and awesome at the same time…. i love it.

This is cliodnafae27 on Deviant Art, who works under the name Majestic Thorns.:

” I am a recent graduate with a degree in art, concentrating in media/film however I have a passion for all types of arts such as sculpting, ceramics,  jewelry making, cosplaying, sewing, painting, digital work, photography, and writing.  My inspiration stems from everything around me, mainly, fairytales, mythology, religion, fashion/costumes, my dreams (which I record regularly), the dark and surreal, and so much more. I am a gemini (for those of you interested in astrology) so I tend to get bored easily so don’t be surprised to find  me bouncing back and forth between mediums, and current interests. I do not like to limit myself in what I do therefore I have chosen to experiment in as many artistic fields as I can, always hoping to learn something new.  I find life to be much more interesting that way! 


You can hang out with the artist and her work on her blog

cliodnafae27/ Majestic Thorns

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