The Queen Victoria Opera: The OTHER Steampunk Opera

19 Oct

Those who have been with this blog awhile may recall that there is indeed another steampunk opera being developed by Mary Lin and Ben Sargent over at

It’s time we check back in as they too have premiered their 1st Act.

Although i do not know them, nor them me, we have exchanged a number of friendly emails wishing each other support and success. As is evident, our shows are not in direct competition. They are utterly different. Mary and Ben’s, i think, is far more true to both steampunk tropes and definitely to the idea of opera, as their singers actually sing.. you know, operatically.

It makes a fascinating study to get a glimpse into their 1st Act coming off of ours and see how different people do completely different things with the same general idea.

“Amelia’s two back-to-back arias from Act One are sung here by Kerry Ginger (supported by Erin Anderson as Nina and Kent Trostel on piano) at the opera’s preview performance on September 18, 2011 at The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition in Fitchburg MA. Amelia, the Queen’s niece, has been sent to a floating reform school for finishing, where she finds herself surrounded by rough pirate lasses. Amelia dreams of being an airship pilot, a sky scientist… and a pirate. Words and music copyright 2011 Mary Lin and Ben Sargent.”


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