We Bid The 1st Generation Adieu: Kayleigh McKnight

09 Oct

And so, with the help of the dream weaving voice of the sultry Kayleigh McKnight we come to the end of the 1st Act:

A few things:

This track is free to download. It’s not meant to be a standalone song, it exists to put a little punctuation at the end of Act 1’s shenanigans. For those who are purchasing the other songs in the Act (B.L.E.S.S. Y.O.U.), i can’t in good conscience charge you for this, but i want you to be able to have a complete Act. It also makes the total for the entire Act into an easy $5, which seems a nice, friendly number (and is about what you pay for a fancy cup of coffee, A CUP OF COFFEE, only in this case you will be supporting the show and FEEDING hard working artists.)

Also, tomorrow, we shall be taking a one day break from posting new material. While all the tracks thus far posted are collected on the Music Excerpts page, i want one post where the entire 1st Act is collected together for my own nefarious purpose. On Tuesday we will begin again with the introduction of Jason Broderick.

The 1st Act serves as its own demo. However, 5 more songs were recorded for a second demo, which i shall present over this next fun filled week. This 2nd demo however will not actually include all 5 tracks. In fact, out of ALL the 10 total tracks, only 5 will be selected. (For instance there are 3 ballads that build. In a 27 song show that’s a perfectly fine number, but for our purposes it’s ridiculous. I just wanted the choice. We’ll get to the voting bit later.)

See you tomorrow for a 1st Act recap.

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