Annabelle Has A Doll: Lauren Osborn & Kayleigh McKnight

07 Oct

Thus we continue on with our 1st Act.

I’d fill you in on the plot, but the SO was designed so that the plot could be followed, and i mean this literally, by a blind person. I was asked by the Director if i could make it so that a blind person could attend the show and follow along. I do tell stories using song cycles all the time (see Cthulhu:The Funksical and A Melancholy Tale From The Icy Lands for the most recent) but normally i have a Narrator that flat out tells you the plot as if they were reading a bedtime story.

In this case i didn’t want to go that route, but by using the type of Narrator i AM utilizing and a few other techniques it is my intention that the plot can indeed be followed, given a little concentration. So i ain’t tellin’ y’all nothin’ and if i’m wrong you let me know.

Thus Kayleigh McKnight and her voice of sweet, sun drenched honey returns and of course the dazzling Lauren Osborn absolutely killing it as Annabelle.


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2 responses to “Annabelle Has A Doll: Lauren Osborn & Kayleigh McKnight

  1. peoplesown

    October 7, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Love the opera 😀

  2. Cherries Jubilee

    October 8, 2011 at 1:36 am

    So….you are going to make me wait. I am coming to understand that you are something of a tease, Paul. But, I am actually enjoying the anticipation. Please let us know when we can listen to the next installment.


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