The Steampunk Opera Overture Now Available For Download

03 Oct

I keep getting email and occasional comments here on the blog asking to buy the Overture, so obviously, not being a complete buffoon, it would make sense to make it available for purchase, for of course, the reasonable price of $0.99.

Thus, from here on in, a link to Bandcamp has been put both on the Music Excerpts page and more importantly on the YouTube page where most of my emails come from. (, but it’s just the same song as below. Actually, it’s NOT, it’s an earlier version, but the hits and requests for it keep on coming, so i’m just going to leave that page alone)

I will probably work out distribution of some of the track with vocals which i’m editing and mixing now (with a cut for the singers of course) when the time comes (meaning next week in all likelihood) but the requests and emails i receive over the Overture are such that i would be a flaming idiot (more so than i already am, that is) to not stop shmucking about and get the damn thing up and available already.

If you do indeed buy the track, let me then state clearly here: You may use it for any event you wish with my blessing. The only things you may NOT do: credit it to someone else (i mean fer ****’s sake what kind of bastard are you?!) or use it in a commercial (contact me). Otherwise, credit me. You want to make a video of you doing questionable shenanigans with the song playing underneath? Go to it. Just… you know, credit me. Help a brother out here.

And that’s it for today. I am editing and mixing my little bum off (sounds aaaaaaaaaWWWWWWeeeesome) so i’m going back to work.

Here is the Overture in question:

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