Recording Vocalists

01 Oct

And thus we return.

Tomorrow i’ll get back to posting fun and interesting bits from the webaverse but today let’s do another little update, shall we?

I’ve returned from London where i’ve recorded some wonderful singers singing 10 songs for the 2 demos. (not all songs will be used but we’ll decide which ones after i’ve mixed them. I’ll probably leave it up to a relative vote) You’ll be introduced to the singers as i premiere the songs but i’ll be mixing and editing over several days, so that will come shortly.

The sessions went smooth as silk (Always good. Trust me, not all sessions go smoothly) and the vocalists were wonderful. I should give a big shout out to the engineer Peter Malkin who made my life infinitely easier, not the least for managing Logic, a program i don’t actually use and could undoubtedly bumble through, but it would take significantly more time to figure out how to finesse. Two more shout outs to Chris Cuming and Jennifer Harding whose behind the scenes organization were also critical in there BEING any singers in the first place to record.

So now i’ve got hundreds of takes (10 songs, 4 vocalists, verses, choruses… those takes add up) although i did manage to mark down at least what i thought at the time were the best ones so it shouldn’t be too painful. I’ve promised a 2 week turnaround until i’m finished, although truthfully it should take MUCH less time. (i’m thinking more 3-4 days) Compress, de-ess (you know, where you take any strong S-es and… de-ess them) gate, add reverb and if necessary EQ although i doubt that will be an issue, and then viola. Sonic beauty.

Sadly, i want nothing more than to start tomorrow, but another project with a deadline stands in my way. However, it is simple, finishing touches on an album (The Silver Key by Ah Pook The Destroyer which i imagine i shall shamelessly plug at an appropriate moment) and so Monday morning we begin.

One would usually like to be regaled with stories of the recording sessions, but the truth is, if all goes ideally, there shouldn’t BE any stories. Like, you know, the lead singer started ODing just before we recorded the final chorus so we had to set up a mic in the ambulance and record her while rushing to the hospital to pump her stomach and inject an IV… great story but usually means the recording session did NOT go smoothly. I far prefer a nice, relaxed, smooth time, and indeed it was. (not that i don’t have some stories of past exploits, although nothing to rival anything like an ambulance recording, which, for the record, i’ve never had to do and given the siren, wouldn’t probably be a useable take anyway.)

So stay tuned for completed tracks and introductions to the singers who made them happen.

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