Mister Joe Black: Cabaret Misfit

09 Sep

Well THIS is interesting.

Today we feature neo-cabaret artists Mister Joe Black, whose brand of dark, dolly-watching-you-while-you-sleep-and-grinning kind of cabaret is filled with personality, wit, and weirdness.

“The neo-vaudevillian, the real life Disney villain, the gin-addled courtesan, the anti-christ of cabaret and the one and only waltzing cynic…

Eccentric to international stages, Joe Black takes to shows in an almost cartoon-esque theatrical assault,
sweeping the audiences through an array of show tunes, ballads, and a rather varied but fine selection of morally questionable entertainment. ”

Twisted purveyour of gothic cabaret, “An accordion-playing lovechild of Danny Elfman and a gin-addled courtesan”, “Like making a conference call to Bedlam lunatic asylum; It’s like you’re conducting a pleasant-yet-bonkers chit chat with several people”, inspiring you to finally follow your “dream of burning down an orphanage, drinking whiskey and stowing away on a pirate ship”, Mister Joe Black is based in England (as far as i can tell) but does cabarets and shows across Europe and in the US and Australia.

Here’s another little gem:

For more info and whatnot you can visit his website at as well as his Youtube channel.

And lastly a promotional music video for the title track from upcoming Joe Black halloween release ‘Vile Volumes for Villainous Children’

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