19 Aug

After all this talk about that new subculture song for Act 3- the Steampunk Voodoo song, the song that showcases this new subculture in New Albion which has appropriated Voudon much like British youth appropriated the blues in the 60s- wouldn’t you like to actually hear it?

Of course you would. So here it is, a demo version anyway. As with all the excerpts, the vocals are only temporary scratch vocals, sung by me to demonstrate to the real singers what they’ll be singing.

Regardless of all other factors, the 2 things this song absolutely had to be is uptempo and catchy. All my other grand plans for it- west african drumming done through steampunky metallic clanging, the youth of New Albion wildly building a new subculture inspired by Voudon and using their own Sidhe heritage- all this accomplishes nothing if the piece doesn’t solve the original problem it needed to solve, which is musically, the opera absolutely needs a catchy, uptempo number right in this spot. So hopefully i’ve juggled all these concerns decently. Time will tell.

Here it is, Voodoopunk:

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