Dieselpunk + Bauhaus + Music = Laibach

26 Jul

Formed in 1980, in the relatively early days of the industrial music scene, Laibach is a stunning example of a concept brought about to exemplary fruition.


They make music that is exactly what one would initially conceive as “industrial” is one had never heard any such music yet.  But not only is the music really interesting, as well as uncompromising and perhaps a bit too far out for some, but they marry it to a full on aesthetic and performance that over emphasizes totalitarian propaganda.

An example from an early album and an early concert:

Formed in Slovenia back when it was part of Yugoslavia. They draw heavily on militaristic and communist aesthetics, taken to extremes with never, ever a break in character.

“Laibach concerts have sometimes aesthetically appeared as political rallies. When interviewed, they answer in wry manifestos, showing a paradoxical lust for, and condemnation of, authority.” They have caused numerous stirs and upset people on both the far left and far right.  AT one point in the 80s their name was banned in Yugoslavia and their concerts were promoted with a black cross.

Their posters are often takes on well known propaganda posters from the Nazis or Stalinist Russia.

For example:

Famous Nazi painting of a Munich celbration of the anniversary of Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch

Laibach poster

“On June 23rd 1983, the group made its first  television appearance, an interview on the political/news  programme “TV Tednik”. The interview provoked numerous  reactions, and was followed by an administrative/political  ban on public appearances and the use of the name Laibach.”

They’ve been quite…. industrious in the intervening years and are still around. Some samples from a theater soundtrack (Macbeth) and a newer track:


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2 responses to “Dieselpunk + Bauhaus + Music = Laibach

  1. Hugh Grimwade

    August 3, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    They also did a mean cover of Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’, if I recall correctly… strange but true…


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