Retrovertigo. (Mr. Bungle)

02 Jul

What does this video have to do with anything?

Nothing really. However, since this blog is about anything that, in my head at least, tangentially relates to The Steampunk Opera, including music, theater, artsy stuff, victorian and weimar era stuff, steampunky crap, etc, i can pretty much just bloody post anything i want and if challenged connect the dots in a few steps if i have to.

Besides, this video is (expletive) awesome. Is it also seriously messed up. Like, seriously. Just so you know. Aphex Twin plays Jesus. That should tell you about all you need to know.

It’s a fan made video, which you would think would be a minus, but which i assure you, is quite the opposite. It is more original and daring than 97% of the “official” vids out there, superbly done and deserves to be seen.

However, as said, if you are sensitive, especially to issues of religion, then this is not for you and will not make your day better.


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