Awesome (ridiculous?) Sci Fi Songs Throughout the Decades

04 Apr

I am technically writing a sci fi opera or musicalish thing so it’s only fitting, and fun, that we review some awesome and fun sci fi tunes spanning the decades.

The 70s

Let us begin in the 70s. Weed was everywhere and sci fi has it’s media heyday. Star Wars, Logan’s Run, the original BG, books by Asimov, Poul Anderson, Silverberg, Heinlein… hell, bands were making concept album and sci fi themes by the buttload. Rush’s 2112, Space Oddity, War of The Worlds…

But nothing is as fun as da Funk.


The 80s.

Now we get to the heyday of the sci fi novelty song! These 2 are classics for all those who, like me, spent their junior high and high school sunday nights tuned into Dr. Demento.

This one i used to LOVE, and i mean as a really truly awesome song.

And of course, as long as we’re on a Dr. Demento kick for the 80s, might as well throw this in:

The 90s.

The sheer magnitude of techno and electronica songs is overwhelming. So i’m ignoring it all and going for this, a Masterpiece:

The 2000s

Let’s start with one of my favorite albums from the beginning of the decade:

and how can we forget Flight Of The Concords?

And Beyond:

Scissor Sisters! This is totally sci if, but good luck figuring out what the hell is going on. However, there is a spoken bit by Ian McKellan somewhere in the middle there, so there’s that too..

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