Steampunk Cities, Video Walkthroughs

31 Mar

People have done far more than conceptualize steampunk cities. They’ve actually built and designed entire steampunk cities you can walk through.

I am certain most of you know what Second Life is. It’s an online world, created, designed and populated by the very who hang out within it. It’s not a game. You simply interact with others, design places, objects, yourself…. attend music concerts (a good friend of mine The Matthew Show plays gigs in SL regularly. Upon logging in, IM Matthew Perreault for a teleport to the venue).

Thus today we’re going to take a look at some of these cities people have actually built online.

New Babbage, SL’s main steampunk town. Different area of the city are “bought” and then  built by numerous, different people. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here is a walkthrough of one of the buildings, Victory Hall, where public events and concerts are held.

Here is another area of Second Life, Legacy 1891, a Victorian city. I chose  to first show a “trailer” someone made to show off the city, which has mostly still shots over an actual walkthrough, because the walkthrough features this inane Creed song which makes me wants to choke myself on my own feces.

The nice “trailer”:

No… i just watched the walkthrough again and no sane human being should be forced to undergo that Gd awful sound of chickens both dying and copulating at the same time. Besides, you get the point.

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