Dr. Phineas Waldorf Steel For World Emperor

18 Mar

First of all, welcome back. I was away for a week, but am back and ready to resume this blog which will one day lead to me dominating the world.

If Dr. Steel doesn’t first.

I must give him my strong vote of support. Things today, they suck. And i mean they REALLY suck. I’m usually the guy who tries to talk down the “world is going to hell in a handbasket” moaners and bitchers, as well as the “Judgement Day is coming” drooling, starry eyed crowd, but even i have to admit that things are balls out nuts.

Dr. Steel envisions living in a world where fun is the top priority. He imagines a landscape filled with endless possibilities based on the ideology that life should be spent doing the things that make us happy. With him as World Emperor we can put aside all these negative feelings and stresses and pressures and bring us into a new, Utopian Playland where we can be happy and our days full of fun.

Dr. Steel has dedicated his life to the ideal of uniting the people of this world to form one, symbiotic, fun-loving family. Dr. Steel’s vision of transforming this dreary world into a Utopian Playland spans age, race and gender, unifying all of humanity with a singular goal; happiness. As World Emperor, Dr. Steel strives to rebuild the world, free from boredom, fear and war. Creating a place where fun is the top priority.

As a published author he has presented his theories in magazines such as Paranoia; The Conspiracy Reader , as well as various online sources gaining interest and support from all corners of the globe.

Had enough of all horribleness and suckiness? I know i have. Maybe you have despaired of ever seeing a world of awesomeness and fun. I certainly have also. Well, now you can DO something about it.

dr. steel toy soldiers

I think it’s about time we assembled under a vision of fun and goodness, and Dr. Steel is the man with the vision to guide us.

“”In the world I see, my eyes are clear; and they see nothing but beauty… and robots.”

Indeed my World Emperor. Indeed. Join us:

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One response to “Dr. Phineas Waldorf Steel For World Emperor

  1. giulas41

    March 19, 2011 at 1:39 am

    Well… Dr. Steel seams like a great guy… : )


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