Little Steampunk Robots And Dudes

20 Feb

Today we feature the wonderful work of Belgian sculptor Stephane Halleux who, as the title of the post should clue you in,  makes little steampunky robots and dudes out of leather,metal, wood and recycled materials which he sews and bangs together. These things are amazing and today’s post is very difficult in that there’s so many amazing pics to show, i’m not sure which to choose.

steampunk robot, stephane halleux

steampunk robot, stephane halleux

steampunk dude

steampunk dude


So… Stephane Halleux. He worked for a long time as an illustrator, particularly for european comic books, and eventually found an art gallery in Luxembourg who enabled him to devote his full time to sculpting. He lives in French speaking Belgium (note to fellow Americans, fun factoid: you know French fries aren’t French and never were? Yeah, see, in WWII when the Americans landed in Belgium, because the Belgians spoke French the soldiers assumed they were in France. And since Belgians LOVE and invented the pom fritte, the Americans assumed they were a French treat and called them French fries. I’m sure Mr. Halleux would be delighted to know that his bio has provided an opportunity for cross cultural education) with his partner and 2 children.

steampunk robot, stephane halleux

steampunk figure

steampunk car

steampunk blind man


Lastly, it should be mentioned that the animators at ZEILT Productions decided they wanted to make an animated short based on Stephane’s character designs called Mr. Hublot. It’s currently in preproduction, but there is a test video where they worked out design and movement for one of the characters (to be specific, Mr. Hublot).

Here the test vid:

For more of Stephane Halleux’s amazing creations check out his very nice and sleek flash filled site at

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