The Fallen

14 Feb

Today we’re going to look at another show which i wrote sometime back, The Fallen.

It’s a very different animal than the Steampunk Opera, but it too is a theater piece. It’s performed by 2 singers, 10 dancers and features a wall of film that is crucial to the storytelling. The singers, dancers and film all interact in various ways to further the tale.

The show is about a fallen angel. To wit: An angel and a demon kiss atop a cliff. The angel is filled with a rush of excitement and wishes to go and experience the world, while the demon is sad and weary, having had too much of the world. The angel removes her wings and runs off. The demon picks up the angels discarded wings, puts them on and leaps off the cliffside.

That’s the first number and of course the show goes on from there. There’s sex and drugs and dark carnivals, and a Narrator character, Raven, who is central to the show. The choreographer and managing Director is the talented and extremely industrious Shaun Rolly, with whom i have worked on a number of projects. The film is by Laurie A. Smith, a wonderful film maker whose work can be found at

For those who wish to see actual performance footage from a previous workshop production and some snippets of the new film, here’s one of our fundraising vids:

Here’s the music from the 3rd track from the show. This is only the music (and a still picture vid). In this particular show, the songs are REALLY long (not so in the steampunk opera). The female vocals are performed by the wonderful Jen Folden.

For more information, naturally you can go to the website (there’s always a website….)

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One response to “The Fallen

  1. Chelsea

    August 23, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    I know a lot of time has passed, but I really love the music for this piece. The website, however, isn’t working and I really want to see more. Did it move or has it been taken down?


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