11 Feb

Rasputina is a wondefully uncategorizable band consisting of 3 cellists, based out of New York and led by Melora Creager. While they sometimes use a drummer, they mostly make a very psychedelic band meets chamber music on acid sound. With great use of effects and very interesting vocals by Creager, there is no question they exist in a genre all their own.

I give you exhibit A:

I first discovered Rasputina back in the mid 90s with their album Thanks For The Ether, which i wore out playing on the tape deck of my car. (cassettes!) Now of course they have graduated to these newfangled website thingies. You can find them at

Now normally, i restrict myself to 2 videos maximuum, but i really love this next track, AND i love the performance of the girl who made it, so today we go to 3.

Before we go i would just point out they have new album coming out called Sister Kinderhoook, which so far sounds deliriously delightful.

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