Steampunk Computers

29 Jan

Today’s post is some pieces of eye candy. Those action figures were so cute i figured today we’d look at some more steampunk things built in real life, like computers.

I actually had another post written in which i was going to showcase 6 different computers, but in tracking down the sources for each one (i’d like the artists to get their due) i got my pants blown off at Datamancer’s website, and thus we’re going to feature only his gothic computer redesigns.

1. This is a laptop. Let me repeat. A LAPTOP, which makes this the laptop case.

And inside we have the actual computer:

That’s….. that’s just insanely awesome.  I am torn between wanting to hump it and wanting to eat it. As with most things in life.

2.  The Archbishop Gothic PC



archbishop gothic PC, open

3.  Okay, ready for a scanner? Of course you are.

steampunk scanner

I know, right? Hard to believe until you actually see the damn thing open.

4.  Now some keyboards:

The Sojourner keyboard

5. And let’s wrap it up with a whole desktop set up.

HUMP….. OR……. EAT……

All of these are designed and built by Richard “Doc” Nagy and these and a whole lot more mind blowing creations can be found at his website


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2 responses to “Steampunk Computers

  1. giulas41

    January 30, 2011 at 12:00 am

    Wow!!! Do they have those in macs???? kk….really cool… the one on the top is awesome…

    • paulms

      January 30, 2011 at 12:05 am

      That laptop is…. i have no words.


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